BBC Radio 1 Playlist Challenge

We first went over what websites and apps we could use to create a playlist, tested a few out but they didn’t work. We then decided to try out Soundcloud, it is easy to use and can make playlists easily. It’s not just used for music though, you can create comedy sketches and make podcasts to upload onto your profile.

For our upload we decided to do interviews around the college, but alas nobody wanted to do it. So we interviewed who was in our class as a last resort which worked out well.

Matthew made the separate sound files into one file, Jordan started on the report and I created the account on Soundcloud and made the timeline + user journey sheets.

I then uploaded the sound file onto the Soundcloud profile I created.


Weekly Update

On the very first week the college flooded so we couldn’t come in for the rest of that week and started on the following week. Was a bit of an inconvenience when I travelled to the college that morning and found that the college was shut for the rest of the week. There was no update of warning to not come in for that day when I got up that morning to travel there.

We learned the basis of how to create a professional looking website and how businesses may utilise that to capture the type of attention they want from a certain group of people. We also learned at how businesses can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to even more people.

We also learned about wordpress which is a very simple website to make websites, was a bit tricky at first cause it took me ages to find out how to create more pages on a site, but I found it eventually.

The class created a Twitter and Facebook account solely for the course to keep in touch with each other and to make the tweet of the week thing.